Crimean War

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Crimean War
  1. Content
    1. Russian Empire vs. Britain, France and Ottoman Empire
      1. Britain got involved in 1854
      2. Causes
        1. Religious
          1. Russians and Ottomans argued who had control over churches
          2. Territory
            1. Ottoman Empire was weakening
              1. Russian Empire wanted to expand
                1. Britain and France prevent Russian Empire expanding
              2. Reporters
                1. William Russell
                  1. Attacked army hierarchy
                    1. Highlighted medical facilities and poor living conditions
                      1. 'The Times' created a charity
                        1. Who he worked for
                        2. Didn't witness all his descriptions
                        3. Roger Fenton
                          1. Instructed to tale no photos of the dead
                            1. Many of his photos were staged as he couldn't take moving images
                          2. Impact of WR+RF
                            1. Public were concerned
                              1. Created pressure for army reform
                                1. Created a political crisis
                              2. Events of the war
                                1. Thin Red Line
                                  1. Russian soldiers advanced to British line. British organised in 2 lines which prevented the Russians to attack. Remembered as the symbol for determination and heroism
                                  2. Charge of the Light Brigade
                                    1. Lord Raglan issued a poorly explained order to Lord Lucan to charge at the guns. The orders were vague and Captain Nolan who delivered the message didn't clarify the orcer properly to Lucan. Lucan pressed the charge and sent the Light Brigade down the wring valley
                                      1. 661 set off, 113 killed, 134 wounded, 45 prisoners
                                        1. Eyewitness account - Russell showed an army leadership error
                                          1. Tennyson's poem reinforced the bravery and heroism of the soldiers
                                      2. Medical + nursing
                                        1. Medical
                                          1. Inadequate, only 4 assistance per 100 soldiers
                                            1. Medical supplies were inefficient and lacked washing facilities
                                              1. Disease
                                                1. Typhus, typhoid, dysentery and cholera
                                              2. Florence Nightingale
                                                1. Collected information and analysed mortality rates
                                                  1. = improvement for water supply, organisation and food
                                                  2. Acted independently
                                                    1. Turned into iconic figure
                                                      1. 20th century her reputation was challenged
                                                      2. Mary Seacole
                                                        1. Created a British hotel
                                                          1. Had some medical knowledge + experience on battlefield
                                                        2. Disorganisation
                                                          1. Problems with supply + transport
                                                            1. Medical supplies at Scutari were inadequate
                                                              1. Shortage of wagons = couldn't transport wounded
                                                                1. Inadequate housing + clothing
                                                                  1. Supplies that reached did reach Crimean wasn't distributed efficiently
                                                                  2. Leadership
                                                                    1. Officers were promoted through commission and not emrit
                                                                    2. Roles
                                                                      1. LORD CARDIGAN, initially pereived as hero, but accused of deserting the Light Brigade too early
                                                                        1. LORD LUCAN, received most blame for COLB, implementing an order he knew would fail
                                                                          1. LORD RAGLAN, responsible for many problems of leadership and organisation
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