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  1. Simon's neutrality
    1. Simon is, by nature, an introvert. He finds comfort in himself, is very shy, and prefers to be alone. By contrast, Jack seeks the adulation and respect of the other boys, in particular his choir, which is why Simon managed to resist savagery. He doesn't need the approval of others, and nor does he feel the need to prove himself to the group.
      1. Simon is fascinated by the natural world and maintains his typical childlike imagination throughout. Link to "candle bushes".
        1. His positivity is never tainted. This is shown in the beginning when as soon as he comes to, he smiles and announces himself as Simon, and when he reassures Ralph on being rescued.
        2. His conversation with the pig's head
          1. Epilepsy and small frame
            1. Simon has been ridiculed for his mental defects and for being the smallest boy in the choir- however, his supposedly bad attributes are actually an advantage. It is due to his illness that he discovers that the beast takes no physical form (except in the savages), but that the beast is the pervading evil shown through Jack and the actions of the savages.
              1. Simon is the only one with the mental capacity to see past what the others fear.
            2. The conversation with the pig's head results in his death- something Ralph feels heavily shameful about, saying to Piggy that 'it was murder'- but that Piggy tries to justify by saying he was 'batty'.
              1. Simon himself was thought to be the beast, covered in flies and dirt. this results in a brutal murder (intentional killing) with 'no words but the tearing of teeth and claws'.
              2. The head calls him a 'silly little boy'. Simon doesn't respond.
              3. Although he's a member of the choir, his allegiance isn't with Jack. His allegiance lies with morality- Ralph and Piggy.
                1. Simon is independent. Free. Link into his hidey hole in the tree and to his lack of dependence on others.
                2. Considerate of others- getting fruit down from trees for the littleuns'
                  1. Preceptive- can tell when a person is hurt or scared, Simon is the one that declares the younger children are having nightmares about the beast. This is prophetic of his death and what the boys become.
                  2. Simon is physically not as capable as the other boys. He isn't as tall as Jack nor as broad as Ralph and commands no respect in terms of physicality. But in mentality Simon offers the boys so much insight, just like Piggy, and represents a figure of divinity and reason in the novel.
                    1. Simon's death
                      1. Represents the rejection of innocence, reason and sentimentality.
                        1. A significant point in defining the characters of the others. Ralph feels like such a bad person afterwards, Piggy embeds his emotions and refuses to take responsibility in his actions (even Ralph and Piggy took part in killing Simon).The savages carry on life on the island as usual- killing is a normality amongst the group.
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