Lord of the Flies

Lauren Milne
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Lauren Milne
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Scottish Higher English (Lord of the Flies) Mind Map on Lord of the Flies, created by Lauren Milne on 05/17/2013.

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Lord of the Flies
1 characterisation
1.1 Ralph
1.1.1 worried worries due to split in group
1.1.2 logical attempts to keep everything in order
1.1.3 smart makes the fire to priority
1.1.4 brave 'i'm the chief. I'll go. Don't argue.'
1.2 Simon
1.2.1 isolated mostly alone, keeps away from the group
1.2.2 mature doesn't get involved with the fighting/arguing
1.2.3 grounded admires area, keeps to himself
1.2.4 knowledgable realises the truth about the beast
1.3 Piggy
1.3.1 loyal sticks by Ralph no matter what.
1.3.2 determined 'we just got to go on, that's all'
1.3.3 stressed when his glasses crack
1.4 Jack
1.4.1 animal-like 'flared nostrils'
1.4.2 stubborn wants things his way, bosses the others about
1.4.3 immature causes arguments, teases Piggy
1.4.4 primal instincts takes on the job of being the hunter
2 themes
2.1 Good vs Evil
2.1.1 shows how there is evil present in everyone and how without rules it takes over
2.2 innocence
2.2.1 shows how we see a group of ordinary, young boys become almost 'wild'
2.3 authority
2.3.1 shows how without authority humans allows us to see their 'evil side' and become almost savage
2.4 fear
2.4.1 shows the fear of the unknown/what we cannot see in the 'beast' and secluded parts of the island. This reminds us that they are only young boys
3 symbolism
3.1 the 'beast'
3.1.1 symbolises fear and how the boys are still young
3.2 the conch
3.2.1 shows authority and how once the conch is broke, authority is also broken
3.3 the fire
3.3.1 shows survival instinct and determination to be saved. Once the fire goes out it shows how the boys are completely savage and how everything breaks down
3.4 desert island setting
3.4.1 shows how far away the boys are from civilisation, 'normal' life, rules and authority, which allows them to show their inner-selves
4 allegory
4.1 Ralph
4.2 Piggy
4.3 Jack
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