Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
1 Characterisation
1.1 Ali
1.1.1 His story is revealed at the beginning 'Five-year-old orphan boy before my grandfather...'
1.1.2 Ali's relationship with Baba 'Ali and Baba grew up together as childhood playmates...' Compared to Hassan and Amir's relationship Hassan and Baba are sismilar in the way in which they both betrayed the people they grew up with.
1.2 Hassan
1.2.1 Hassan and Amir's relationship '...just like Hassan and I grew up...' 'I never thought of Hassan and me as friends either.' Ethnic differences 'In the end I was a Pashtun and he was a Hazara... nothing was going to change that. Nothing.' Foreshadowing that this will affect their relationship in the future Childhood Innocence
1.3 Baba
1.3.1 Made to look very mean and unloving, but also superior 'His glare made my throat feel dry.' 'Baba went on staring me down...'
2 Time
2.1 Ali's story jumps back to 1933
2.2 Time manipulated
2.2.1 When Amir talks about his and Hassan's childhood, it goes into detail and uses a lot of imagery ' entire childhood seems like one long lazy summer day with Hassan' Prior to this, there's a juxtaposing argument. Shows unreliable voice '....playing hide and seek, cops and robbers..' Someone is always superior in these games - may represent social standing of Amir and Hassan
2.2.2 When Amir wants Baba to read his story 'Air grew heavy, damp, almost solid. I was breathing bricks.'
3 Structure
3.1 Time is used to manipulate structure - jumps back and forth
3.2 Ends with a cliffhanger
3.2.1 'Then Afghanistan changed forever.' Foreshadowing and cliffhanger - this structure creates suspense
4 Voice
4.1 Amir
4.1.1 Childish Voice 'John Wayne didn't really speak Farsi and he wasn't Iranian!'
4.1.2 Adult Voice ' this day, it was one of the longest minutes of my life.'
4.1.3 Unreliable Narrator Constant change of emotions towards Hassan 'What does he know, that illiterate Hazara?' '"You're a prince Hassan...and I love you."' Constant change of emotions towards Baba 'Most days I worship Baba... But right then, I wished I could...drain all his cursed blood from my body.'
4.2 Hassan
4.2.1 'Amir Agha' Always polite, inferior to Amir
4.2.2 '"Someday, Inshallah, you will be a great writer..."' Foreshadowing and supportive voice
4.3 Rahim Khan
4.3.1 Supportive Voice throughout 'My door is and always will be important to you, Amir jan... Bravo.' 'As always, it was Rahim Khan who resuced me.'
5 Setting
5.1 '...musty-smelling bazaars of the Shar-e-Nau... walked amid the bustling crowds...'
5.1.1 Vivid Imagery Makes us feel as if we are there in their childhood Emphasises importance of their childhood
5.2 'Old Abandoned Cemetery...'
5.2.1 Foreshadows death and loss
5.2.2 There, there is a 'pomegranate tree' with 'blood-red pomegranates..' Symoblism Representative of their friendship. Foreshadowing the fact it may be tarnished in the future

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