Threats to devices

James Housden
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James Housden
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Mind Map on Threats to devices, created by James Housden on 05/21/2015.

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Threats to devices
  1. Phishing
    1. Steals your information and money
      1. Emails
        1. Pretends to be your bank
          1. Look real
        2. Viruses
          1. Can't move on their own
            1. File written with the sole purpose of doing harm
              1. Could steal your details
            2. Trojans
              1. Pretend they are something else
                1. Files
                  2. They are actually...
                    1. Viruses
                      1. Trojans
                        1. Worms
                    2. Worms
                      1. Similiar to viruses
                        1. Can move on it's own
                          1. Crawls through computers using emails, websites etc.
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