Large-Scale Organisations.


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Large-Scale Organisations.
  1. Organisation; Two or more people working together to achieve an objective.
    1. Charaistics; Employs 200 or more people, earns reveune in the millions, or has assests of more than $200 million.
      1. Multinational Corporation; Owned and based in one country and operates in many countries throughtout the world.
        1. Board of directors.
          1. Managing directors.
            1. Human resources.
              1. Marketing.
                1. Research and development.
                  1. Finance.
                    1. Operations.
                  2. Corporation; Shareholders and aims to make a profit.
                    1. Shareholders; Any person who owns shares in a company.
                      1. Government Business Enterprise; Government owned and operated.
                        1. Not-for-profit; Provide goods, services or funds to prevent particular social problems or to benefits the community.
                          1. Objective; Desired goal, outcome or specific results that organiations intends to achieve.
                            1. Vision; Organisations aspires to become.
                              1. Mission; Expresses why they exists, purpose, how it operates.
                                1. Strategies; Actions taken to achieve specific objective.
                                  1. Gross Domestic Product; Monetary value of goods and services produced in one country in one year.
                                    1. Internal Environment; Management policies and processes. Control over.
                                      1. External Environment; Conditions organisation, little control.
                                        1. Operating Environment; Skateholders, customers, suppliers, competitoes, lobby groups.
                                          1. Lobby Groups; Trade unions/Consumer groups/Specific issue groups.
                                            1. Macro Environment; Economy and society.
                                              1. Positive Contributions;
                                                1. Employment.
                                                  1. Infrastructure.
                                                    1. Income.
                                                    2. Negative Contributions;
                                                      1. Downsizing; Reduction in jobs and position.
                                                        1. Outsourcing; Contracting organisational operations to outside suppliers.
                                                        2. Performance Indicators; Profitablitiy, scales, productivity, satisfaction, turnover,
                                                          1. Benchmarking; Measuring performance against another leading organisation.
                                                          2. Social Responsibility; Obligations legal responsibilites to the wellbeing of employees, customers, shareholders, commuinity and environment.
                                                            1. Ethical Management; Abiding by moral standards, doing the 'right' thing in the interest of the stakeholders.
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