The battle for merger

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2 political parties- PAP, Barisan Sosialis and their objectives and aims. Events leading to the battle for merger.

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The battle for merger
  1. PAP
    1. objective
      1. achieve immediate independence
        1. merge with Malaya
          1. common market
            1. large economic base
              1. increase trade
                1. more jobs
                2. hinterland with raw materials
                  1. remove communist threat
                  2. free from BR colonial rule
                  3. events leading to merger
                    1. 12 radio talks
                      1. 12 Sept-9 Oct
                        1. convince people on benefits of merging
                          1. expose communists' motives
                          2. exhibitions
                            1. 'we are the people of Malaysia' exhibition
                              1. Jan 1962
                            2. 'The Battle for Merger' book
                              1. English, Chinese, Malay
                                1. speeches
                                  1. press reports
                              2. Barisan Sosialis
                                1. full and unreserved merger
                                  1. achieve independence
                                    1. full internal self-government
                                      1. opposed merger with Malaya
                                        1. concerns
                                          1. racial discrimination
                                            1. less opportunities and rights and freedom
                                              1. unfair treatment
                                            2. events leading to merger
                                              1. Labour strikes
                                                1. student demonstrations
                                                  1. holding mass rallies
                                                    1. give speeches
                                                      1. win people's support
                                                      2. spoke during radio forums
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