Components of plant and animal cells

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Components of plant and animal cells
  1. Exclusive to plant cells
    1. chloroplasts; where photosynthesis takes place to make food for the plant cell
      1. cell wall; made of cellulose & is tough so the cell is supported & keeps its shape
        1. Don't confuse this with the cell membrane!
        2. large central vacuole; contains cell sap which helps to keep the plant cell rigid
        3. Of both plant cells & animal cells
          1. cell membrane; controls what enters/leaves the cell
            1. e.g.: carbon dioxide, oxygen, glucose
              1. Don't confuse this with the cell wall!
              2. nucleus: large structure that contains DNA
                1. DNA are instructions for the working & building of a cell
                2. mitochondria: tiny structures where respiration take place
                  1. respiration releases energy for cell processes
                  2. cytoplasm; jelly-like substance that fills the cell
                    1. many reactions take place here
                      1. this is NOT a proper structure! it is a substance that fills a cell and supports other structures
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