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A mind map explaining the unit reproduction

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  1. The male reproductive system
    1. Testes:Produce millions of sperm cells
      1. The sperm duct and glands:The sperm passes through the sperm ducts,and mix witth fluids produced by the glands,these fluids provide the cell with nutrients,These nutrients are called semen.
        1. Penis and urethra:The penis passes the urine out of the body and it also passes semen to the woman's vagina during a sexual intercourse.the urethra is the tube inside the penis that carry's urine and semen.
        2. The female reproductive system
          1. Ovaries: contains egg cells
            1. Egg tube :each ovary is connected to the uterus by an egg tube (oviduct)
              1. Uterus:It is a muscular bag with a soft linning.It is also where the baby develops until birth
                1. Cervix:a ring of muscle at the lower end of the uterus.It's job is to keep the baby in place while the woman is pregnant
                  1. The Vagina:is a muscular tube that leads from the cervix to the outside of the women's body
                  2. Fertilization and foetal development
                    1. fertilization happens when a sperm cell and an egg cell meet and join together
                      1. Sperm cells travel in the semen through the penis and into the top of the Vagina. They enter the uterus through the cervix and travel to the egg tubes.
                      2. The fertilized egg divides to form a group of cells called an embryo.
                        1. This attaches to the linning of the Uterus and begins to form a foetus and finally a baby
                        2. a foetus is protected by the Uterus and the amniotic fluid,a liquid contained in a bag called amnion
                          1. The placenta is responsible for providing oxygen and nutrients and also removing waste
                            1. It grows into the wall of the uterus and is joined to the foetus by the umbilical cord
                            2. After nine months the baby is ready to be born,The cervix relaxes and muscles in the wall of the uterus contract pushing the baby out
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