induction training and development

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induction training and development
  1. investors in people
    1. training method for managment
      1. framework for high performance
        1. benefits to full sail?
          1. improves productivity and profit, improves custmoer satisfaction, focuses full sails workforce on aims, improves motivation and reduces waste
    2. NVQ
      1. training method practice to adapt for employees
        1. outline what people in an occupation are expected to do and perform like
          1. benefits for full sail? for experienced candidates and beginners, increase company ability. more knoledgeable workers
          2. GCE
            1. general certificate of education, academic qualification
              1. benefits to full sail
                1. training method for youth employees. e.g students, seasonal work
              2. types of training
                1. induction training
                  1. training provided for new employees to assist in their ajetment into the business
                  2. mentoring
                    1. senior staff guides new employee, their responsible
                    2. coaching
                      1. extend traditional training methods. focus on individuals needs
                        1. close observation
                          1. inparial and non judgemental feedback on performance
                      2. in house apprentiship
                        1. training within the workplace, hands on training followed by classroom training
                        2. external apprentiship
                          1. training at a site away from business
                          2. transferable skills
                            1. any talent/skill which can be used in future employment
                              1. non transferable skills
                                1. skills which cannot be used in future employment, unless going into same field of work
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