UK: Reducing Social and Economic Inequalities

Chloe Smith
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Chloe Smith
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A Levels OCR Geography A2 - Global Issues (Development and Inequalities) Mind Map on UK: Reducing Social and Economic Inequalities, created by Chloe Smith on 05/27/2015.

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UK: Reducing Social and Economic Inequalities
  1. Taxation
    1. Income tax is calculated as % earnings
      1. Richer people pay more than poorer people
        1. £10,000 per year (tax free)
          1. Basic tax rate = 20% on annual earning above the pay tax threshold and up to £32,010
            1. Higher tax rate = 40% on annual earning from £32,011 to £150,000
              1. Additional tax rate = 45% on annual earnings above £150,000
              2. Laws
                1. Minimum wage
                  1. Discrimination
                    1. Equal opportunities
                      1. Protect the civil rights of the poor, but it is money that buys you the defence
                        1. Do such laws help the society as a whole? or can they act to back fire and disadvantage others? (immigration)
                        2. Subsidies
                          1. Children
                            1. Clothing
                              1. Free school meals
                                1. University fees
                                2. Pensioners
                                  1. Transport
                                    1. Pension
                                    2. Single Parents = free childcare
                                      1. Unemployed = Benefits
                                      2. Education
                                        1. Increased national teaching standards
                                          1. Degree 2:1 or above
                                            1. Skills tests
                                            2. Increased personal health education
                                              1. Citerzenship
                                                1. PSHE
                                                2. Free education for all
                                                  1. Does free education match private education
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