the tudors

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I hope that this mind map will be very useful to you and If you want to take my Tudor quiz you can use this as revision. just such up the Tudors on quizzes. Thanks xx

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the tudors
1 battle of bosworth
1.1 22/8/1485
1.2 house of York vs. the house of Lancaster
1.2.1 henry vii vs. Richard iii henry wins new Tudor king
2 Henry vii
2.1 marries Elizabeth of York
2.1.1 from the house of york
2.1.2 has 7 children henry viii arthur Margaret tudor Mary Tudor Katherine Tudor Elizabeth Tudor Edmund Tudor
3 Henry viii
3.1 son of Henry vii
3.2 married 6 wives
3.2.1 Catherine of aragon Spanish princess Arthurs widowed wife mother of Bloody Mary divorced
3.2.2 Anne boleyn mother of Elizabeth 1 Beheaded
3.2.3 Jane seymour mother of Edward favourite of Henry VIII Died a couple of days after child birth died
3.2.4 Anne of Cleves Ugly Divorced
3.2.5 Catherine Howard young affairs with other men Beheaded
3.2.6 Catherine Parr last wife good with henry's children took care of henry out lived henry survived
3.3 started the protestant faith
3.3.1 so he can divorce Catherine of Aragon because the pope would not let him get a divorce as a catholic shut down monasteries for money
4 Edward vi
4.1 became king when he was 9 years old
4.1.1 died of a sickness when he was 16 became king straight after Henry died very strict protestant
4.2 he did not properly rule he had advisers to make the decisions for him
4.2.1 when he did something wrong they did not whip him they whipped a whip boy instead
5 Mary / bloody Mary
5.1 strict catholic
5.1.1 killed hundreds of protestants burned tortured executed used these three things to convert protestants to catholicsm
5.2 married prince phillip
5.2.1 unable to have children
6 Elizabeth
6.1 last Tudor queen
6.2 never married
6.2.1 never had an heir
6.2.2 beautiful
6.3 protestant
7 the Spanish armada
7.1 Queen Elizabeth vs. Prince Phillip of Spain
7.1.1 delayed a year
7.1.2 it was luck that there was a storm that destroyed the Spanish Armada
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