Fighting Disease

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Microorganisms that enter the body and cause diseases are called pathogens. GCSE Biology AQA

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Fighting Disease
  1. pathogens
    1. bacteria
      1. small living cells
        1. damage cells
          1. produce toxins
        2. viruses
          1. not cells
            1. replicate by invading cells
              1. produce copies of themselves and burst
            2. your defence system
              1. skin, hair, mucus
                1. stops microorganisms getting in
                  1. cuts/platelets
                    1. help blood clot to seal wounds
                2. immune system
                  1. white blood cells
                    1. travel around in blood patrolling for microbes
                      1. consume microbes
                        1. produce anitbodies (proteins) to kill antigens
                          1. produce antitoxins produced by bacteria
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