Decline of the Roman Empire

Allie Jay
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Allie Jay
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8th grade History Mind Map on Decline of the Roman Empire, created by Allie Jay on 05/28/2015.

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Decline of the Roman Empire
  1. Power
    1. Everyone Wanted Power
      1. Many Assasinations
        1. Short Ruling Periods for rulers because of assassinations.
        2. Economy
          1. Heavy Taxes
            1. Slave Labour
              1. Climatic Change
                1. Population Decline
                2. Invasions
                  1. Germanic Invasions
                    1. Huns Invasions
                    2. Social
                      1. Decline in Patriotism, Socialism, and Dicipline
                        1. Upper Class= Selfish
                          1. Running Out of Mercinaries
                          2. Political
                            1. Corrupt Officials
                              1. Gov't lost the support of the people
                              2. Military
                                1. Hired Many Mercinaries
                                  1. Mercenaries did not really like Rome so they were not driven to fight.
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