The Role of Myth in the Trojan War

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The Role of Myth in the Trojan War
  1. Valid religious belief
    1. Mark Cartwright
      1. ‘religion was personal, direct and present in all areas of life’
        1. explicit moral messages
        2. mythology explained creation, the existence of mankind and all human affairs.
          1. re-tell historical events so that people could maintain contact with their ancestors, the wars they fought, and the places they explored.
          2. Homer's Iliad/literature of the time
            1. - homer’s work conforms to greek mythology, matching the literature of the time
              1. Manfred Korfmann
                1. ‘Homer should be taken seriously... based on a memory of historical events‘
                  1. 'nothing in the archaeological record to contradict the assertion that Troy and the surrounding countryside formed the setting for Homer's Iliad in 700 B.C.'
                2. Physical evidence
                  1. manfred korfmman
                    1. 'my response as an archaeologist working at Troy would be: Why not?'
                    2. Henrich Schliemann
                      1. topography
                        1. Bryce R. Trevor
                          1. the remains of a large stronghold fit the description of a watchtower described in the Iliad. (VI level)
                          2. pottery and ceramic evidence
                          3. Unsure of fourth argument
                            1. ‘Myth and history are a close kin inasmuch as both explain how things got to be the way they are by telling of some sort of story’ - William H. McNeill
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