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grow coaching model

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1 Will
1.1 What support do you need?
1.2 What could stop you moving forward?
1.3 How will you address goal?
1.4 What else will you do? How will you keep yourself motivated?
1.5 What would happen if you did nothing?
1.6 When are you going to start?
2 Reality
2.1 What have you done so far?
2.2 What is happening now?
2.3 What is the effect or result of this on...?
2.4 What is the perception of others?
2.5 What are the issues that you currently face?
3 Options
3.1 What else could you do?
3.2 What are the pros and cons of your actions?
3.3 ?are your options
3.4 What approach have you considered?
3.5 If you made a list of actions you could take, what would be on the list?
4 Goal
4.1 What is it you would like?to discuss
4.2 What would you want to achieve out of this coaching session?
4.3 How will you know when you have achieved your goal(s)
4.4 How will you measure it? Is is a SMART goal
4.5 What is your goal? What does success look like?
4.6 How quickly do you want to get?there
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