King Lear Revision

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King Lear Revision
  1. AO3 Critics
    1. Kathleen McLuskie
      1. "The play is inherently misogynistic"
      2. Coppelia Kahn
        1. "Lear goes mad because he is unable to accept his dependance on the feminine"
          1. "Women who grow up without a mother take on boystrous tendencies" [Absent Mother]
          2. Dollimore
            1. "The play is about power, property and inheritance - Lear loses power when he hands over property and status to his daughters"
            2. Leonard Tennenhouse
              1. "Shakespeare shows dangers of not following patriarchal order"
              2. Jan Kott
                1. "King Lear is a play about the disintegration of the world"
                2. Hal Holbrook
                  1. "The paranoia of age is stalking him" [Lear]
                    1. "Lear slips into madness as a direct result of his refusal to face the awful truth that has exploded in his mind"
                  2. AO4 Context
                    1. Machiavelli
                      1. A cunning, opportunistic person
                      2. The Divine Right of Kings
                        1. The monarch is subject to no earthly authority, rules directly from God
                        2. Great Chain of Being
                          1. A concept in which a religious / social hierachy is established
                          2. Wheel of Fortune (Rota Fortunae)
                            1. Goddess Fortuna spins the wheel, changing the position of people on the wheel. Whilst some rise, others fall etc.
                          3. Themes
                            1. Fathers, Children and Siblings
                              1. "No, no, no, no. Come, let's away to prison. We two alone will sing like birds in a cage"
                              2. Authority and Order
                                1. Old Age
                                  1. "Old fools are babes again"
                                    1. "The Younger rises while the old doth fall"
                                      1. "O sir, you are old"
                                      2. Fooling and Madness
                                        1. "Tis the time's plague when madmen lead the blind"
                                        2. Disintegration, Chaos, Nothingness
                                          1. "Nothing will come of nothing" - Lear
                                            1. Thou, Nature, art my goddess" - Edmund
                                              1. "The worst is not, so long as we can say "This is the worst""
                                              2. Blindness and Insight
                                                1. "Alack, I have no eyes"
                                                  1. "A man may see how this world goes with no eyes"
                                                2. AO3 Productions
                                                  1. Helena Kaut-Howson
                                                    1. Entire play is portrayed as the hallucination of a mental patient's mind
                                                    2. Nahum Tate
                                                      1. Changed the text dramatically, bad were punished and good were rewarded
                                                      2. The Globe Theatre
                                                        1. Cast Joseph Marcell as Lear, first Black Lear
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