Defining crime

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Defining crime psychology -

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Defining crime
  1. Historial contect - time
    1. A crime at one point in time may not be seen as a crime at another point in time.
      1. For example- Before 1967 it was a criminal offence for consenting adults to commit homosexual acts
    2. Culture
      1. Problems can arise when people who have origins in one culture live in different culture and prefer to retain their own cultural values.
        1. For example- In some cultures it is acceptable to have more than one wife however in the UK this would be considered bigamy
      2. Age
        1. In England the age of criminal resposibility is 10 years old
          1. For example- if a three year old stole a sweet from a shop they would not be considered a criminal
        2. Specific circumstances
          1. Individual circumstances could determine wether or not a specific incidence is seen as a crime.
            1. For example- A mother stealing a loaf of bread to feed her cildren may not be called a criminal.
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