One child policy, China

Nicola Andrzejowska
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Nicola Andrzejowska
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A mind map of the one child policy

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One child policy, China
  1. They thought they were heading for famine
    1. They introduced the policy in 1979
      1. Prevented 400 million births in total
      2. There were not enough resources for the increasing population
      3. Regulations
        1. Don't marry until late 20s
          1. Less likely to have as many children
          2. Only one successful pregnancy
            1. Sterilised after birth of first child or abort future pregnencies
              1. Against human rights
                1. Over 16 million abortions
              2. Rewards
                1. 5-10% salary rise
                  1. Priority housing, pension and family benefits
                    1. Free education and healthcare
                  2. Penalties
                    1. 10% salary cut
                      1. Bankrupted most families
                        1. Nowadays people can afford to pay the fine
                      2. Have to pay for health and education for whole family
                      3. Granny Police
                        1. Checked on couples of childbearing age to make sure they used contraception
                        2. Rural areas
                          1. Allowed second try if first child was a girl
                            1. Boys work on family land
                              1. Girls abandon the family when they get married
                                1. Boys more favoured
                                  1. Girls ended up in orphanages
                                    1. 90% died within first year at orphanage
                                    2. Gender imbalance nowadays
                                      1. 60 million more men than women
                                      2. Girls more equal nowadays
                                        1. Can have a career
                                2. Young couples responsible for four grandparents
                                  1. Unlikely to relax in futue
                                    1. 600 million people still live on $2 a day
                                      1. In 2008 there were 1 million more births than deaths
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