K101 Hospital as a place of care

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K101 Hospital as a place of care
  1. Hospital is a social, physical & psychological environment
    1. Physical - ward space mostly public, privacy only through curtains
      1. Social - visiting time & space governed
        1. Psychological - more private space would be comfortable & patient-centred, with access to a social area
        2. Hospitals vary in design - some are more enabling than others
          1. Staff are affected by the environment/conditions in which they work
            1. Design impacts on nursing - employee fatigue related to layout of building.
              1. Higher staff morale better for patients
            2. Involving patients & staff can lead to improvement in design
              1. 2013 survey - patients value privacy, respect & dignity
                1. Example - Evelina Childrens Hospital
                  1. Designed to be friendly, colourful, welcoming & easy to understand. Full of light & engaging spaces.
                    1. School in hospital.
                    2. Levels of privacy - single rooms, small wards, open plan atrium
                      1. Atrium - space created for use by patients, family, staff & events
                        1. Parents can stay with kids
                        2. Views & needs of staff & children taken into consideration for design & organisation of hospital
                          1. Children consulted about design. Architect was a mother of child that stayed in hospital, Staff & clinicians consulted
                          2. For patients - Doesn't smell like a hospital, is bright & friendly, childs environment, seen as a playground, parents happy as kids are happy
                            1. For staff - Great place to work, light space, not depressing, environment makes people friendlier
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