Managing traffic

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The advantages and disadvantages of York Park and Ride, and Central London congestion charge

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Managing traffic
  1. Central London congestion charge
    1. Advantages
      1. Raises cash which can be spent on improving current public transport
        1. 38% less chargeable traffic within the first week
          1. More appealing to tourists
            1. People more likely to spend time there
              1. Less cars so less risk
              2. Less carbon dioxide emissions
              3. Disadvantages
                1. Worse traffic in all perimeter roads
                  1. More 2 wheeled traffic
                    1. Shopkeepers within the zone reporting less business
                      1. Fewer people in the zone than expected
                        1. Less revenue than anticipated
                        2. Large numbers of inexperienced drivers
                        3. What
                          1. £8 every day per vehicle driven in the zone
                            1. Registration checked across a database
                              1. 7am-6:30pm
                              2. 2003
                                1. Avoidance
                                  1. Walk
                                    1. Public transport
                                      1. Avoid zone or times
                                        1. Use two wheeled transport
                                      2. Park and Ride, York
                                        1. Advantages
                                          1. Parking is free and secure
                                            1. Makes the city more appealing
                                              1. Less congestion
                                                1. Less carbon dioxide emissions
                                                2. Disadvantages
                                                  1. Building car parks takes up land
                                                    1. Habitat loss
                                                    2. May increase urban sprawl
                                                      1. May end up a waste of money
                                                        1. Can't guarantee people will use it
                                                          1. Needs to be accessible
                                                      2. What
                                                        1. 5 sites in York
                                                          1. Frequent buses
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