Mt Everest tourism, Nepal

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The disadvantages and action taken in Mt Everest base camp

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Mt Everest tourism, Nepal
  1. Disadvantages
    1. Waste
      1. Non-biodegradable due to cold temperatures
        1. Contaminates streams
          1. Used for drinking water
        2. Pollution trapped in valleys
          1. Aircraft
            1. Four wheeled drives
            2. Path erosion
              1. Traffic problems
                1. Food more expensive for locals not in tourism industry
                  1. Deforestation
                    1. New lodges
                      1. Firewood
                    2. Action
                      1. Paid to return rubbish
                        1. Tin cans recycled by blacksmiths
                        2. Encouraged to travel together
                          1. Reduce congestion
                            1. Reduce pollution
                              1. Reduce erosion
                              2. Kerosene used rather than wood
                                1. Aforestation
                                  1. Installing a new set of regulations and code of conduct
                                    1. Training locals
                                      1. Conducting information and awareness raising activities with locals
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