Types of Clauses

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Review of basic clauses.

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Types of Clauses
  1. Adverb Clause
    1. A clause that is used as an adverb
      1. This type of clause usually modifies a verb
        1. There will always be a verb inside an adverb clause
          1. If there isn't than it is just considered a phrase.
    2. Adjective Clause
      1. Modifies nouns or pronouns
        1. Can sometimes include a preposition that is part of the clause
          1. Ex: The TV program in which he starred was on last night.
            1. Telling us which program he starred in.
        2. Regular Clause
          1. basically, they make sentences
            1. Join clauses using: and, or, nor, but, for, yet, so (FANBOYS)
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