Second Language Acquisition Processes/Theories

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Second Langauge Acquisition Processes/ Theories

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Second Language Acquisition Processes/Theories
  1. Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
    1. Contributor: Jim Cummans
      1. Refers to formal academic language. It is crucial for students to succeed in school. It includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing within subject areas and content.
        1. Comparing, synthesizing, classifying, evaluating and inferring skills within the classroom. 5-7 years to gain.
          1. Context of academic tasks becomes more and more reduced.
          2. Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills
            1. The language skills used in social situations. Pretty much the day-to-day language that children need to interact socially with others
              1. Contributor: Jim Cummans
                1. Seeing how they use their social language skills on the playground, lunchroom, school bus, or just in the classroom
                  1. Their social skills with others
                  2. Universal Grammar
                    1. Noam Chomsky
                      1. The ability to learn grammar is hard-wired into the brain. It suggests that linguistics ability manifests itself without being taught, and that there are properties that all natural human languages share.
                        1. It is a matter of observation and experimentation to determine precisely what abilities are innate and what properties are shared by all languages
                          1. Through observation, there are clear signs of progression through work and seen through language.
                          2. Input hypothesis
                            1. Stephen Krashen
                              1. Put importance on the comprehensible input that language learners are exposed to.
                                1. Understanding spoken and written language input
                                  1. Learners progress in their knowledge of the language when they comprehend language input that is slightly more advanced than their current level
                                  2. Critical Period Hypothesis
                                    1. Wilder Penfield
                                      1. This hypothesis claims that there is an ideal time window to acquire language in a linguistically rich environment, after which further language acquisition becomes much more difficult and effortful.
                                        1. Present individual with adequate stimuli and language will ocur
                                          1. Mostly shown by visual development
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