Second Language Acquistion

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A mind map of the theories of SLA

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Second Language Acquistion
1 Input Hypothesis
1.1 Stephen Krashen
1.1.1 everyone learns the same way comprehension of messages comprehensible input understanding message being told talking is not a form of practicing understand message being read
1.1.2 learning is not a matter of differences, but similarities applications within classrooms use of a relaxing environment allows for the input to reach the child less emphasis of speaking as practice curriculum based on the comprehension of message
2.1 Jim Cummins
2.1.1 BICS Basic interpersonal communicative skills smallest aspect of language high frequency vocabulary conversational frequency that is picked up quickly
2.1.2 CALP cognitive academic language proficiency takes five to seven years for ell to catch up to grade level language used in textbooks and assessments
2.1.3 Classroom applications forces teachers to look at the type of language ell's are learning how are their conversations with peers? find new strategies that give children more access to the academic language they require more textbooks
3 Universal Grammar
3.1 Noah Chomsky
3.1.1 ability to learn grammar hard-wired in to brain manifests without being taught
3.1.2 "mental grammar" brain automatically understands and distinguishes differences of language nouns verbs
3.1.3 Classroom Applications less drill of grammar no teaching of phoneme awareness no spelling rules more use of time for practicing have kids writing
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