Second Language Acquisition

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SLA Project 1

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Second Language Acquisition
1 5 theories or processes
1.1 Input Hypothesis- Stephen Krashen
1.1.1 Everyone acquires language the same way- we need to focus, not on the different ways student learn, but how students learn the same way. This way is before understanding the language, we must understand the meaning of the message Application- by knowing and undersanding this theory, I now know that is is better teach the meaning before teaching the actual word- because if you know what the message is saying you have a better time understanding it
1.2 CALP- Jim Cummins
1.2.1 The underneath layer of all surface learning when learning to speak a second language. This type of learning is done on an academic level and helps to expand social interactions This process takes a lot longer. As a teacher I need to realize this to avoid becoming frustrated with my students.
1.3 Universal Grammar- Noam Chomsky
1.3.1 All language comes from the same basic understanding- all of these languages have nouns, verbs, negatives... Application- helping students who are learning to speak new languages make connections between the twp languages by showing them similiar characteristics in both languages
1.4 The Natural Order Hypothesis - Stephen Krashen
1.4.1 The grammatical structure of second language learners occurs in predictable sequences Application- by understanding this sequence of events we can help our second language speakers to better understand the language they are attempting to learn
1.5 Affective- filter hypothesis- Stephen Karshen
1.5.1 All students have a typed of filter when it comes to learning language- students must remain calm and comfortable when learning another language or their frustration levels will raise and they wont be able to learn Application- to make sure all of students will be engaged and comfortable during the lesson to ensure they are learning everything possible
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