Cory's SLA Mind Map

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Cory's SLA Mind Map
1 Input Hypothesis
1.1 Stephen Krashen
1.1.1 We acquire language when we understand messages! Helps us to see how ELL's are the same, not different! Helps present info in helful ways to ELL's
2.1 Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills
2.1.1 Everyday language Students usually learn this first
2.2 Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
2.2.1 Found in written text and school
2.3 Jim Cummins
2.3.1 Helps us to understand the complexity of learning a second language Helps expand BICS to CALP Students learn language in different contexts
3 Universal Grammer
3.1 Noam Chomsky
3.1.1 All human language is made up of the same stuff! Can be used to connect the L2 and L1 of the SLL
4 Language is a system!
4.1 Ferdinand de Saussure
4.1.1 "Founding father of modern linguistics
4.2 Has structure!
4.3 Made of individual units
4.3.1 Each unit has a role Like our bone structure
4.3.2 syntagmatic chain or combonation
4.3.3 paradigmatic Choice or substitution
4.4 This can help teachers explain a language to students eaier!
5 Critical Theory Hypothesis
5.1 Eric Lenneberg
5.2 Ability to learn language is negatively affected by the completion of process of lateralization
5.2.1 It is better to learn a second language when you are younger! Between 2 and puberty (more recently 5)
5.2.2 When each side of the brain develops its own specialized functions Young brains don't do this! They would be native speakers of both L1 and L2!
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