Star Wars

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Star Wars Themes

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Star Wars
  1. Relationships with family and friends
    1. Luke and Darth Vader
      1. Dysfunctional family issues!
      2. Luke and Leia
        1. Sibling issues
        2. Leia and Han
          1. Love, partnership
          2. Han and Chewy
            1. Friends for life!
            2. Luke and Obi-Wan
              1. Pupil and teacher
              2. CP30 and R2D2
                1. Arguments
              3. Technology
                1. Millenium Falcon and other star fighters
                  1. Death Star
                    1. Droids
                      1. Communication devices
                        1. Light sabres
                          1. Intergalatic facebook
                          2. Free time
                            1. On Tatooine
                              1. Alien food and drink
                                1. A stormtrooper's weekend activities
                                  1. Leia's outfits
                                    1. Darth Vader's favourite TV shows and movies
                                    2. Customs
                                      1. Of different aliens
                                        1. Ewok festivals!
                                        2. Social issues
                                          1. Slavery - Jabba the Hutt
                                            1. Poor diet - Jabba the Hutt
                                              1. Alien prejudice issues
                                              2. Global issues
                                                1. Planetary environmental problems
                                                2. Travel and tourism
                                                  1. Interplanetary travel
                                                  2. Life at school/college
                                                    1. Daily routine of a Jedi Knight
                                                      1. Stormtrooper academy
                                                        1. Master Yoda's teachings
                                                        2. Career choices
                                                          1. Embrace the Force
                                                            1. Go over to the Dark Side
                                                            2. Home, region etc...
                                                              1. Tatooine, Ewok planet, Death Star
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