Design Brief

Craig Pepper Unk
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Craig Pepper Unk
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about my design idaes

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Design Brief
  1. Storage
    1. Temperature stored at
      1. How to store it
        1. Where to store it
        2. Cost
          1. Good prise
            1. Same prieses in different stores
            2. Ingredients
              1. Herbs and spices from other cultures/counties
                1. Different meats from other cultures/countries
                  1. Different fish from other cultures/countries
                  2. Size and Shape
                    1. Good size for a family
                      1. Not too big
                        1. Not to small
                          1. Kid size portion
                            1. Adults size portion
                            2. Manufacture
                              1. Home made
                                1. Made in factory
                                2. Nutritions
                                  1. Proteins
                                    1. Carbonhydrates
                                      1. Fats
                                        1. vitiermins
                                        2. Target Market
                                          1. for all the family
                                            1. for adults and kids
                                              1. For different believes
                                              2. Sustainability
                                                1. Fairtrade
                                                  1. red lion
                                                    1. Red Tracktor
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