Technology in Operations

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Unit 2 - Managing a Business

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Technology in Operations
  1. Types
    1. Robotics
      1. Used in production e.g. Mini cooper
      2. Automated stock control
        1. Enables accurate records to be kept of stock levels
          1. Ensures greater efficiency
            1. Automatic reordering
            2. Communications
              1. Intranet, Internet
                1. E-mail, videoconferencing
                  1. Enables all sections of an organisation to be more efficient
                  2. Design Technology
                    1. CAD
                      1. CAM
                        1. New products can be produced and modified on screen in 3D
                      2. Advantages
                        1. Replaces labour, reducing labour costs
                          1. Improvements to quality
                            1. reduces waste
                              1. Increases productivity, reducing production costs
                                1. Makes monitoring stock easier
                                  1. Ensures that stock is recorded, removing human error
                                    1. Ease of communication
                                      1. Easier to update product design
                                      2. Disadvantages
                                        1. Initial investment costs are high
                                          1. Technology will constantly have to be updated
                                            1. Employees will require training to use the new technology
                                              1. Maintenance costs will be high
                                                1. Motivation problems - employees fear to be replaced by machines
                                                  1. Can lead to information overload - employees not reading e-mails
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