Germany 1918-45

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spartacist rising

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Germany 1918-45
  1. Spartacist Rising
    1. KPD- the Communist Party of Germany
      1. Wanted a revolution like that of Russia in 1917. Thought Weimar Republic gave too little power to workers. Wanted government by councils of workers or soldiers. Wanted to abolish the power in Germany of the land-owning classes and the army
        1. During the winter of 1918-19 there were left wing uprisings throughout Germany. Groups claiming to be the true government, set up with workers and soldiers, proposing a direct threat to Ebert in Berlin.
          1. Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknect
            1. on January 16th 1919, 100,000 communists demonstrated in Berlin and took key buildings
              1. Chancellor Ebert, realised his regular army couldn't deal with the might of the revolt. So he used the Freikops( demobilised soldiers who hadn't given their arms back), 250,000 of them managed to put down the spartactist uprisings. Both Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Leibknect were arrested on the 15th January, both murdered by Freikorps.
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