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Brainstorming for class research project

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1 Botanical
1.1 Trees
1.1.1 Red wood trees
1.1.2 Pine trees
1.2 Plant life
1.2.1 Flowers Daisy Roses Violets
2 Rainforest
2.1 Animals that live there
2.1.1 Apes
2.1.2 Toucan
2.2 Rain patterns
2.2.1 How often does it rain there? Does it only rain in certain areas? If so where? How frequently? What is impacted by this? Animals Environment Humans Where do they live in the rainforest? How? What do they do? How do they interact with everything?
2.3 Food we get from rainforest
2.3.1 Coffee
2.3.2 Chocolate
3 Animals
3.1 Endangered
3.1.1 Polar bear
4 Feelings
4.1 In animals?
4.1.1 In humans? How can we be happy? What is the science behind happiness? Mind What happens when we aren't happy in our minds? How? Why? Does environment play a role in this? If so how? How can you change it? Do you want to change it? Why? How? How can we change the environment to make us happier? Can plants make us happy? Can plants be physically happy? How? Evidence? Can plants feel?
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