Chocolate Packaging- Veda Talreja

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brainstorming over packaging ideas for chocolates

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Chocolate Packaging- Veda Talreja
  1. how would my packaging look?
    1. different patterns per chocolate
      1. same patten for all chocolates
        1. mixed colors for the chocolate wrappers
          1. one colour for all chocolates
            1. two colours for the chocolate wrappers
              1. small sized
                1. medium sized
                  1. large sized
                  2. what will its theme be?
                    1. company logo
                      1. valentine's day
                        1. baby shower
                          1. birthday
                            1. wedding
                            2. shape
                              1. rectangular
                                1. circlular
                                  1. triangle
                                    1. square
                                    2. what is its target market?
                                      1. teens
                                        1. young adults
                                        2. how much will it cost?
                                          1. Rs.250-300
                                            1. Rs. 450-500
                                              1. 300-400
                                              2. how will I make it environmental friendly?
                                                1. avoid too much plastic
                                                  1. try to reduce wastage of materials
                                                    1. use reusable materials
                                                      1. try and use non-toxic materials
                                                      2. what will its function be?
                                                        1. it will hold all of the chocolates
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