Why Great Britain Started the Industrial Revolution

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Great Britain starting Industrial Revolution

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Why Great Britain Started the Industrial Revolution
1 Labour
1.1 Enclosure mvt.
1.2 Pop grew on base of 18th cent. pop explosion
1.3 Better forms of transportation, allowed ppl to migrate cities.
1.3.1 By 1850, 1/2 of pop of England & Whales and 1/4 of pop of France & Germany became town-dwellers
2 Capital
2.1 IR grew on itself
2.2 $$ made in early industries=reinvested (eg. textile, iron-making)
3 Markets
3.1 The end of FR and wars of Napoleon opened continent to British products
3.2 Latin American wars of independence opened markets of Central and South AMerica
3.3 US and Canada demand for British products
3.4 Through control of India, Britiain command markets of southern Asia
4 Transportation
4.1 Canals
4.2 Railways: 1830's and 40's=age of railway building
5 Entrepreneurship
5.1 Strong middle class
5.2 Liberal nobles willing to invest in new ideas
6 Government Support
6.1 Strong navy=protects merchant ships
6.2 Commercially minded parliament
6.3 Few laws limit entrepreneurs' actions
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