Evolutionary Explanations of Aggression

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A2 Psychology - Aggression Evolutionary Explanations of Aggression Infidelity and Jealousy

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Evolutionary Explanations of Aggression
1 AO1 Jealousy
1.1 Human brain has been shaped by natural and sexual selection
1.1.1 Natural: enabled ancesters to have selective advantage, increased chances of survival, ability to reproduce and pass on genes
1.1.2 Sexual: competition for mates and development of characteristics that ensure reproductive success
1.1.3 Male sexual jealousy is the result of natural and sexual selection Frequently cited cause of violence and aggression
1.2 Males have developed many strategies to deter partner from adultery
1.2.1 Men are at risk of cuckoldry because of parental uncertainty
1.2.2 Jealousy is adaptive and evolved to prevent infidelity and minimise risk of cuckoldry
2 AO2 Jealousy
2.1 Miller
2.1.1 55% of women in a hostel for 'battered wives' said jealousy was main reason for partner's violence
2.2 Dobash and Dobash
2.2.1 Victims of domestic violence cited extreme jealousy as key cause
2.3 Grisvevicus
2.3.1 Males exhibit more direct physical abuse whereas women exhibit more indirect aggression Adaptive, consistent with EEA; females stay out of harm's way
2.3.2 Evidence for sex differences in aggression
3 AO1 Infidelity
3.1 Male retention strategies
3.1.1 Force himself on partner against will (sexual coercion or rape)
3.1.2 Assault wife who has become pregnant by another man (forced termination)
3.1.3 Murdering wife
4 AO2 Infidelity
4.1 Not all men act the same
4.1.1 Evolutionary approach is deterministic
4.2 Solely down to genes and evolved responses
4.2.1 Reductionist
4.3 Solely focused on MALE retention strategies
4.3.1 Archer Women carry out physical assaults on partners just as often as men do Gender bias
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