World War II Hitler's Background.


This is a mind map about Hitlers background. I hope it helps you.
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World War II Hitler's Background.
  1. Choir boy
    1. Born in 1989 in Brauna in Austia.
      1. Father was a hard drinker bully, worked as a postman
        1. Father died when he was 14
          1. spent his time reading books, listening to music and painting
            1. Mother dies when he is 17. Left all by himself
              1. Left home. Went to Vienna. to find work Capital of Ausrria
        2. Mother spoilt him. took him to best schools
          1. Never got good grade. Left school @ 16.
        3. Artisit&Tramp
          1. In 1907, Hitler arrived in Vienna.
            1. applied to art academy, but failed examination
              1. ended up liveing in a hostel for tramps for 5 years
                1. Earned money : Cleaning windows,Painting houses.
                  1. Grew up hating foreign races,especially Jews.
                    1. thought that they were ruining Austria. Taking all of the jobs
        4. Soldier
          1. Left Austria in 1913. Avoid being called in to the army
            1. went to live in Munich, Germany. when GWW started decided he wanted to in the army.
              1. He worked as a messenger, carrying messages through the trenches.
                1. Nearly dies. Received many medals.
                  1. when the war ended. Hitler was in hospital.
                    1. He blamed the germans weak politics and the jew for the defeat of germany
          2. Politicians to prision
            1. Hitler stayed in the army. As a v man
              1. Spied on new on new politicians who could be dangerous
                1. After a few months Hitler joined a political party
                  1. Before long he was making speaks and writing articles. Hitler spoke passionately about Germany getting itself a stronger leader. Claimed jews were germs
                    1. Eventually he was running his own party.
                      1. Called it"National Socialist German Worker's party. Also known as the Nazi party
                        1. soon make the swastika symbol for the nazi party.
                          1. Told people to beat though who disagreed with him
                            1. Views made him popular. In 1923 he felt strong enough to take over Germany
                              1. He tried to start a revolution, but failed and was put into prision.
                                1. while in prison he wrote a book about his life
                                  1. when he was released in 1924 his book made him get a reputation
                                    1. Many people believed about making Germany BIG once again
            2. From politician to leader
              1. By 1928, the nazi's were quit popular, but not popular enough.
                1. in 1928 the trade began to slow down and the "Great DEPRESSION" started.
                  1. Millions lost their jobs. soon the political parties started to promise solutions to help them get more votes.
                    1. By 1932 the nazi party were the biggest political party
                      1. Hitler became Germany's Chancellor in 1933
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