Democratic Reform in French Revolution

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A mind map of the democratic reforms of the French Revolution.

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Democratic Reform in French Revolution
  1. Reforms of August 4, 1789
    1. Serfdom is abolished (no one can own another person so all people are equal)
      1. All male citizens can run for government and church positions (before F.R. These positions whereonly open to 2nd estate)
        1. Nobles lose their tax exemption and are now taxed (before F.R. The 3rd estate was the only one topay taxes.)
        2. Declaration on the Rights of Man and Citizen August 26, 1789
          1. Law is the expression on General WIll
            1. The aim of political association is the preservation of the rights of man-liberty, property security
              1. Free communication of ideas and oinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man
              2. Civil Constitution of the Clergy 1791
                1. Citizens may elect bishops and priests
                  1. Freedom of Worship is now allowed (you can practice any religion you wish)
                    1. The French government (meaning the people) has control of the Roman Catholic Church
                    2. Constitution on 1791
                      1. France is divided into 83 departments or regions and the old provincial governments are replaced by locally elected officials
                        1. France is a limited monarchy with a separation of powers
                          1. Equal right under the law are guaranteed for all citizens
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