Unit 1 and 2 Topics

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Unit 1 (Community and Identity), Unit 2 (Fairness and Justice) Topics MindMap

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Unit 1 and 2 Topics
1 Community and Identity
1.1 What has Changed in UK society?
1.1.1 Political Representation There are more differences between people in parliament (e.g. gender, sexuality, ethnicity...) giving a better variety of opinion to represent Britain
1.1.2 Technology Chores, jobs etc have become more productive and efficient Media and news spreads more quickly, such as via differently dedicated websites for example
1.1.3 Communications & Relationships People can easily and quickly communicate with people from across the world for free This creates new communities and new relationships such as partnering through dating websites
1.2 Main Values of Britain
1.2.1 The Rule of Law Citizens have to abide by the law every day
1.2.2 Personal Freedom To say what we want as an opinion
1.2.3 Tolerance and Respect for identity
1.2.4 Equal Opportunity Access to similar opportunities for everyone
1.2.5 Representative Democracy Politicians represent the different views of the public
1.3 Why Leave/Enter a Country?
1.3.1 War
1.3.2 Poverty
1.3.3 Lack of Education
1.3.4 Lack of employment
1.3.5 No Human Rights
1.3.6 Family
1.3.7 More employment
1.3.8 More education
1.3.9 Escape from War
1.3.10 Better Lifestyle
1.3.11 Financial Secuirty
1.4 Key Words
1.4.1 Immigrant Somebody coming to a country to live
1.4.2 Stereotype A 'one size fits all' concept of a group of people
1.4.3 Racism Hatred or intolerance of another race
1.4.4 Asylum Seeker Someone seeking political asylum
1.4.5 Internally Dispatched People forced to leave homes but not the country
1.4.6 Political Asylum Protection for someone fleeing persecution in their country
1.4.7 Refugee Someone granted Political Asylum
2 Fairness and Justice

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