2nd Language Acquisition

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This is for my CTRD 5003 class for a language acquisition assignment. This is made from several videos and articles as resources.

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2nd Language Acquisition
  1. BICS vs. CALP
    1. Jim Cummins
      1. Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills
        1. This is what kids develop in their native language during their early lives. ELs develop this 2-3 years into learning.
        2. Cognitive Academic Language Proficency
          1. This is academic language, and not everyday language. ELs develop this after 5-7 years.
          2. Comprehensible Input Hypothesis
            1. Stephen Krashen
              1. Input Hypothesis
                1. Learning must be engaging to be successful. The result of this would be the EL understands what we tell them.
                2. Affective Filter Hypothesis
                  1. Stephen Krashen
                    1. Bored or anxious ELs = higher filter
                      1. Comfortable and relaxed ELs = low filter
                        1. Critical Period Hypothesis
                          1. Eric Lenneberg
                            1. This theory states the optimal time when to teach L2.
                              1. The optimal time is between age 2 and puberty.
                              2. Common Underlying Proficency / Transferability Theory
                                  1. In the world, skills and concepts are similar no matter the language. Once the EL understands the necessary vocabulary, those skills/concepts can transfer over from the L1 to the L2.
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