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1 Social Explanations
2 Biological Explanations
2.1 Social Learning Theory
2.1.1 Defined as the learning behavior controlled by environmental influences rather than internal or innate. Observational (vicarious) Direct Rewarding reinforcement leads to repetition and learnt
2.1.2 Bandura (1961) bobo doll study children separated into groups where they were individually invited to play "game" where adult model assembled toys, in aggressive condition model acted aggressively towards doll in a novel manner and language using both male and female models.
2.1.3 Bandura (1977) found those living in areas of high crime rates more likely to act violently, implying imitation. However could be down to educational and unemployment factors.
2.1.4 Bandura (1963) viewing aggression via cartoons produces aggression as live or filmed, suggesting strong media influences. Charlton (2000) assessed aggression in St. Helena before & after sat TV. initially low and remained low suggestion aggression through media isn't influential.
2.2 Deindividuation
2.3 Institutional
3 Evolutionary Explanations
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