how to start a gaming youtube channel

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Questions and answers for making a gaming channel.

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how to start a gaming youtube channel
  1. what do you need to start a youtube channel
    1. a gmail acccount
    2. what sofeware should you use to rcored
      1. how to record game play
        1. how to edit videos
          1. how to post videos
            1. click on uplode
          2. you want a capcher divice
        2. how do you edit your channel
          1. what games should you play
            1. games that people want you to play
            2. how can you interact with your fallowers
              1. facebook
                1. instagram
              2. how can you get people to like you
                1. post videos that people like
                2. how much money will i need to buy a recording system
                  1. $179.99
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