Children's Toy

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Children's Toy
  1. Research
    1. Questionnaires, this will help find out what people my age had as toys when they were younger and what colours and patterns they want
      1. Going into toy stores and looking at what toys are in store at the moment and look to see what people are buying
        1. Pictures of toys in shops both online and in store
        2. Target Market
          1. For children between the ages of 3- 9 years old
            1. Parents of young children that are looking for toys, gifts and presents for the child
            2. Cost and budget
              1. The cost of the product is going to be around £20
                1. The budget for the product is going to be £15
                  1. I don't have to eet a specific price range but I want the budget to be around £15 as i want a profit
                  2. Skills and equipment
                    1. I will need to know how to make a pattern piece. This means that I would need a steady hand while cutting and sewing together the toy.
                      1. I will need scissors, needles, pins , a sewing machine to construct the toy and patterned or plain fabric, beads, buttons etc.. for the componants on the toy
                      2. safety
                        1. This product has to be safe for the child to play with this means no choke hazards and loose
                          1. The beads and buttons would have to be securly sewn and there cannot be any pins left in as they might stab thems selves with it
                          2. Quality control
                            1. I will not have raw edges on the product that I can see
                              1. It will be pinned and tacked to ensure it will not move around while sewing it.
                              2. Constuction
                                1. I will write out a method using another one as a guidelines and then I make the proto-type I will know if I have to change the order
                                  1. I will use a range of different techniques in order to get the best looking product and a cleaner finish
                                  2. Colour schemes and influences
                                    1. The colours I will use will range from white to orange for a contast and I'm thinking about also use deep reds and oranges for a burnt orange look. I might use creams and browns to do patterns.
                                      1. white
                                        1. black
                                          1. deep red
                                            1. Burnt Orange
                                              1. beige
                                                1. Brown
                                                  1. brown
                                                2. decorations and components
                                                  1. beads
                                                    1. Buttons
                                                      1. Zips
                                                        1. Machine embrodiery
                                                        2. Fabrics
                                                          1. lace
                                                            1. Silk
                                                              1. LInin
                                                                1. Cotton
                                                                2. Possible Products
                                                                  1. Wolf
                                                                    1. Bunny Rabbit
                                                                      1. koala
                                                                        1. Girafffe
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