Reporting and investigating an unintentional discharge

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Reporting and investigating an unintentional discharge
  1. O/C operation/scene/training reports discharge to supervisor (Insp or above)
    1. Except AOS/STG on Ops or training
    2. Employee who discharged firearms completes TOR
      1. Supervisor immediately considers and decides if employee suspended from drawing/using firearms
        1. Supervisor immediately advised Dist Cmmdr. If the initial investigation no culpability of employee Dist Cmmdr may remove any suspension
          1. Dist Cmmdr advises National Manager Professional standards of incident. In case of DEATH or serious injury must occur immediately, in other cases of unintentional discharge, within 48 hours
            1. District Commander appoints Inspector (or higher) to oversee investigation into the incident. That person must have no direct line supervisions of the employee involved
              1. Culpability of employee investigated and reported having to legislation and police policy
                1. Scale of investigation will be in proportion to nature of discharge and damage/injury
                2. Where established careless or breaches procedures, Dist Cmmdr considers what action appropriate (criminal or internal)
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