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Crow Country Ch. 1-4
  1. Q.1 What is the time and place of the book, what evidence tells you this?
    1. The time of the book is qround the modern time, or when the author wrote it. It is after the war as the town has a war memorial and Ellie's grandfather fought in it.
      1. The place is Australia, as the book mentions that they moved from Melbourne which also hints that they may be in Victoria. The bushland an the Aborigional boy also suggests this. They are in Boort.
      2. Q.2 Name and describe the main character in the book. Describe him/her physically and describe him/her personality and history, if known. Then give your impression of him/ her.
        1. The Main Character of this book is Sadie. She thinks that she should be able to have a say in family decisions, and does not think very highly of her mum; Ellie. Sadie is a girl and wants to be more respected. I think that she is OK but as of yet, I can't really tell what my full impression of her is.
        2. Q.3 .Name and describe a minor character. Describe her/him physically and describe her/his personality and history, if known. Explain how s/he is important to the story and the ideas of the book.
          1. For this I have chosen Ellie. Ellie is Sadie's mother and has a (as of yet) mysteriously tainted past with many boyfriends. She visited Boort when she was young. The lake was full and the place was lively and more beautiful, she thought that she would move here now with Sadie. She is often quite cheery but is always late. She divorced her previous husband and now is trying to find a new one.
          2. Q.4. Describe the nature of the relationship between two characters. Include their history together and details of their relationship. Explain the significance of their relationship to the book.
            1. Sadie and Ellie are mother and daughter. Ellie tries to do her best to make Sadie feel like this new home is her real home but Sadie refuses. Sadie thinks that current events have disappointed her and are very unfair. Sadie has found it hard to make friends and gets more unhappy at her mother as the book goes on.
            2. Q.5. Describe one important event in the book and explain why it is significant to the story (to the plot, the characters, the ideas of the book).
              1. One significant event that happened so far would be when Sadie found and talked to the crow. The crow said that he had work for Sadie and that his place comes from crows, which probably means that Sadie will have to do something to save the place for the crows. This first encounter engages the reader and sets the plot without letting you discovering the problem.
              2. Q.6. What are your feelings and thoughts about the novel based on one or more specific things you have read?
                1. So far the novel has not been very engaging which is leaving me not looking forward to the after of the book, although alot of that nagativity was generated by what other people have commented about the book. It is a bit thicker than Coraline which suggests that it has a more lengthy plot so it may turn out to be good.
                2. Q.7. Find one specific idea, event, or behavior in the book that relates to real life. Explain the relationship you see.
                  1. There are many relationships in the book to real life, one would be the slow decline of popularity and support in small towns. I once went to one like this, Garfield.
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