Crow country 1-4

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Chapter questions for crow country

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Crow country 1-4
  1. 1. What is the time and place of the book? What evidence in the book tells you this?
    1. Town of Bort out side of Melbourne
      1. Aboriginal people
        1. Yarra river
        2. Present day
          1. Cell phone
            1. The way they talk
          2. 2. Name and describe the main character in the book. Describe him/her physically and describe his/her personality and history, if known. Then give your impression of him/her.
            1. Sadie
              1. Young teenager
                1. Girl
                  1. Stubborn
                    1. Shy
                      1. Just moved from the city Here the sea
                        1. Lives with her mum, dad out west
                          1. I think Sadie is a strong willed teen that is going to make some hard decisions later in the book
                        2. 3. Name and describe a minor character. Describe her/him physically and describe her/his personality and history, if known. Explain how s/he is important to the story and the ideas of the book.
                          1. Ellie
                            1. Flirty
                              1. Outgoing
                                1. Pretty
                                  1. Sadie's mother
                                    1. Talkative
                                      1. Use to go to boost for summer as a kid
                                    2. 4. Describe the nature of the relationship between two characters. Include their history together and details of their relationship. Explain the significance of their relationship to the book.
                                      1. Ellie dos t listen to Sadie she just talks
                                        1. Elie didn't talk to Sadie about moving to Boort
                                          1. Sadie is like the opposite of Ellie
                                            1. This relationship is important to the book because it shows how different the main character is from her mum and that Ellie wouldn't really listen to Sadie if she told her about the talking crows
                                            2. 5. Describe one important event in the book and explain why it is significant to the story (to the plot, the characters, the ideas of the book).
                                              1. When Ellie meets up with Amanda and Craig it is important because it shows some of Ellie's history in Boort
                                              2. 6. What are your feelings and thoughts about the novel based on one or more specific things you have read?
                                                1. I think I will end up telly liking this book or not because of how the auther has a really poetical writing style , how she words things and the different way she is taking the story line
                                                2. 7. Find one specific idea, event, or behavior in the book that relates to real life. Explain the relationship you see.
                                                  1. How at the start the crow says that humans don't see the old stories. This relates to real life because even though we look at history we don't look at the individual stories and how the actual people would of thought and felt
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