Chapters 1-4 (Crow Country)


Chapter 1-4
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Chapters 1-4 (Crow Country)
  1. One important event that has happened so far is when Sadie went to the Lake Invergarry. She found, what it looked like to be a graveyard and destroyed houses. She also found huge stones laying out in a circle. She scraped off the mud and dirt off the stones to reveal a smooth red stone underneath. She scraped off all the dirt on the stones until they were all "free". She noticed there were engravings in the stones. the engravings looked ancient. She described them as "powerful, Indistinct and immeasurably ancient".
    1. Question 5
    2. Sadie and Ellie are family members. Sadie is Ellie's daughter. Ellie the type of person who takes things to quickly, Sadie hates this. Sadie does love her mum, but she thinks she is annoying all the time. They've been through some hard times together. Ellie split up with Sadies father. Ellie is always trying to help Sadie but Sadie doesn't want it because she is trying to punish her for moving houses quickly.
      1. Question 4
      2. Sadie is the main character of Crow Country. She is 13. Sadie is very impatient, Although she is very respectful. The book describes that Sadie's mother and father have split up. She still acts hurt about it. Sadie used to live in Melbourne near the beach. I think Sadie is around average height because she is a teenager and is growing up really quick. I think she has brown hair and fair skin, I think she also wears pants a lot and sneakers because she likes to explore. As a character I think Sadie is a good person. I do like her as a character I'm not put off because she acts sad all the time, because she's going through hard times and reading the book makes it feel like you're going through it with her. Sadie is a nice character I think she needs to show it more.
        1. Question 2
        2. One minor character would be Amanda Mortlock because she doesn't play a big role in this story. Mrs Mortlock is described as middle-aged. She has blonde hair which is usually stuck up in a hairdo of some sort. She is very cruel and big-headed, she liked to boast about her son and that she married Craig. She is a little important because she is Lachie's mother and Craig Mortlock's wife. She seems to be enemies with Ellie.
          1. Question 3
          2. I feel calm when I read this book. This book makes me feel like nothing is bad and anything can happen to you. Sadie is like an average teenage girl which means a lot of girls can relate to Sadie. I can only relate to the sudden urge to find out about stuff. I also feel impatient becasue i want to read on and find out what happens next to Sadie. The story should move on a bit faster because it is taking a really slow start.
            1. Question 6
            2. One specific behaviour i noticed in these chapters is that Sadie felt cross and annoyed because Eliie decided to move houses with her. Sadie didn't have a choice whether she wanted to leave or not. Sadie walked out of the house in the middle of her mum talking. She took some fresh air outside and took a walk.. This relates to real life because children fight with their parents all the time no matter what the situation is.
              1. Question 7
              2. I think the book is based around the 1960's to 1970's because there are no IPods, Huge TVs, Huge houses. Everything there is kind of old and unused. The footy field was huge but in bad quality. There are railway tracks which would have been used a couple years ago. Signs which were old so it means that town has been there fir quite a while.
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