Blade Runner

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Created by kathryn-grace almost 6 years ago
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Blade Runner
1 Sound
1.1 Throughout the rolling titles there is a mixture of different instruments that I have heard such as a high pitched keyboard but there is also a slight under tone of realistic noises such as explosions and bombs.
1.2 As the rolling titles begin there is a very ghostly sound that is played which builds suspense among the audience which leads up to a climax of events.
1.3 As the main scene begins there is use of diegetic sound of the explosions and fire bursting out of the chimneys which many would be able to hear who were in a close proximity.
2 Mise en scene
2.1 The lighting of this sequence is very dark with a contrast from the city lights as the action happens.
2.2 For the brief minute we see one of the main male characters,he is dressed in a full piece suit looking very smart.This leaves the audience asking who is he?
2.3 The setting for this scene has been set in 2019 Los Angeles which looks to me as if it has been transformed into an an inter-galactic city of the future as there are spaceship looking air crafts flying over which is un-realistic.
3 Editing
3.1 The rolling titles at the beginning have been edited with the effect so that they will present themselves that way.A story has been expressed to the audience through the titles which gives a little bit of background information to the scene.
3.2 There has also been an effect put on the explosion,I think the brightness has been adjusted to emphasise the colour of the flames.
4 Camerawork
4.1 At the beginning of the first scene we are introduced to the setting through an establishing shot which helps the audience picture what it must be like to live in such a hostile environment.The questions left asking may be:Is this really the future? and Who lives there?
4.2 As the flames are shooting out of the chimneys there is an extreme close up to show the sheer power and strength that one of these flames had to cause so much damage.
4.3 There is then an extreme close up of a persons eye which shows the reflection of the destruction that lay before them.
4.4 Once inside the building a male figure stands before us which is shown in a mid shot.This shot has been used to show a hidden identity as he has been hidden in the shadows among a foggy background.

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