League of Nations

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Detailed mind map on the effects and structure of the League of Nations.

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League of Nations
1 Crises
1.1 Major Crises
1.1.1 Abyssinian Crisis Mussolini used Wal-Wal 'incident' in 1934 as an excuse Haile Selassie appealed to the League who did little Possibly in return for Stresa Pact 1935 Offered Mussolini some of Abyssinia but he refused Invasion began in October 1935 League banned arms, rubber and tin exports to Italy But not oil Suez canal remained open Hoare-Laval pact offered Mussolini 66% of Abyssinia Disovered, weakened League, sacked Ethiopia was annexed in May 1936
1.1.2 Manchurian Crisis 1931-32 Japan claimed sabotage on South Manchurian Railway Invasion and puppet government set up by February 1932 Lytton Report condemned Japan in September 1932 Report approved 42-1 in March 1933 so Japan left the League Japan invaded Jehol in April 1933 No economic sanctions due to absence of US Britain wanted good relations with Japan
1.2 Minor Crises
1.2.1 Upper Silesia 1921
1.2.2 Aaland Islands 1921
1.2.3 Corfu 1923 Mussolini bombed and invaded Corfu League condemned Italy and Greece withheld compensation Italian general Tellini killed in Greece Mussolini changed the ruling and got money anyway
1.2.4 Geneva Protocol 1924 Stated that the Council's decision was final Never implemented after general elections in UK
2 Members
2.1 Permanent
2.1.1 France Wanted to cripple Germany
2.1.2 Britain Interests of British empire
2.1.3 Italy Left in 1937
2.1.4 Japan Left in 1933
2.2 USA never joined
2.3 Germany 1926-33
3 Structure
3.1 Council
3.1.1 4 permanent members Had a VETO
3.1.2 Temporary members voted in by Assembly for 3-year periods
3.1.3 Powers to settle disputes Moral condemnation Economic sanctions Miltary force
3.1.4 Met 5 times a year or in emergency
3.2 Assembly
3.2.1 League's parliament
3.2.2 Made unanimous decisions over: New members Temporary Council members Budget Ideas from Council
3.2.3 Met once a year
3.3 Commissions
3.3.1 Mandates Commision
3.3.2 Refugees Commission
3.3.3 Health Committee
3.3.4 Slavery Commission
4 Established 1920
5 Treaties
5.1 Locarno 1925
5.1.1 Germany accepts Western borders Germany joins League in 1926
5.2 Kellogg-Briand Pact 1928
5.2.1 65 nations signed to not use military force
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