Plan to Health, Wealth & Confidence

Stephanie Wardle
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Stephanie Wardle
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Plan to build personal confidence and financial freedom through my passion for health and fitness

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Plan to Health, Wealth & Confidence
1 Nutrition
1.1 Eat Clean
1.1.1 Protein,Fruit,Veggies
2 Train Mean
2.1 Exercise Daily
2.1.1 Cardio
2.1.2 Weight Lifting
2.1.3 HIIT Training
3 Runs
3.1 Register and Run in Public 5K, 10k runs
4 Magazines
4.1 Apply as a feature for a magazine
4.2 Photoshoots for professional marketing
5 Supplement Line
5.1 Research Info
5.1.1 Test Trials Develop personal line Market Create and market recipes including supplement
6 Activewear
6.1 Clothes with sayings on them
6.1.1 Sell online, alongside supplement line
6.2 Brand name on them
6.2.1 promotion, recognition
7 Written Journal
7.1 Document journey daily
7.1.1 meal prep & exercise sell online as personal journal
8 Fitness Competitions
8.1 Compete in Bikini/Figure
8.1.1 Use as learning tool win awards and recognition Get noticed more professionaly, publicly
8.2 Photoshoots for professional marketing
9 Exercise/Meal Plan
9.1 Develop meal plans with recipes
9.1.1 Develop exercise plan or video series market and sell online membership style E-book style Hard copy style
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