What are the health implications of processes that milk undergoes before consumption in Australia?


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What are the health implications of processes that milk undergoes before consumption in Australia?
  1. What are the processes that milk undergoes and what is the impact to human health?
    1. Pasteurisation
      1. Nutritional value
        1. Why
          1. Kill dangerous bacteria and pathogens
            1. Increase shelf life
              1. Lower hygiene standards on farms
            2. Homogenisation
              1. Digestion
                1. Allergies
                  1. Fat absorbtion
                2. What impact do antibiotics and hormones given to the cow have on milk?
                  1. Hormones
                    1. Cancer risks
                      1. Secretion into milk
                        1. Abnormal hormone levels in human bodies
                      2. Antibiotics
                        1. Residues in milk
                          1. Antibiotic resistance
                      3. What impact does the black market for raw milk have?
                        1. High risk groups
                          1. Infants and children
                            1. Pregnant women
                              1. Elderly
                              2. Government legislations
                                1. Labeling loopholes
                                2. Pros and cons of raw milk
                                  1. Potential health benefits
                                    1. Risk of contamination by disease causing bacteria
                                      1. Salmonella
                                        1. E.coli
                                          1. Haemolytic uraemic syndrome
                                          2. Listeria
                                      2. End product
                                        1. Written report
                                        2. Capabilities
                                          1. Ethical Understanding
                                            1. Appreciating the ethical and legal dimensions of research and information
                                            2. Literacy
                                              1. Asking questions, expressing opinions, and taking different perspectives into account
                                                1. Accessing, analysing, and selecting appropriate primary and secondary sources
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